CAPTAIN ANXIETY Majoras.Moona Collaboration T-Shirt

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"Anxiety is a kind of fear, yet it doesn't come as a response to an event, but always lingers in the back of your head. Slowly it can make you feel heavy, immobilise you, petrify you - as if you're staring in the eyes of the Medusa. I learnt to deal with my own anxiety by visualising it as a strong valkyrie, who only wishes to protect, but never harm me. This visualisation makes it easier for me to take the frightened parts of me by the hand and treat them as any other emotion, as something positive, as something beautiful."
~ Majoras.Moona

All of the designer's proceeds from this T-Shirt will be donated to the Deutsche Depressionshilfe.

Black fair wear unisex t-shirt made from 100% organic cotton with small  chest print and large back print.